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Corporate Profile

W. R. Berkley Corporation, founded in 1967, is one of the nation’s premier commercial lines property casualty insurance providers. Our strengths include skilled people, disciplined underwriting and a strong balance sheet.

Each of the Company’s operating units participates in a product area or geographic territory where it applies its professional skills to meet customer needs.

Operations are decentralized to place decision-making and accountability in the hands of people who are close to the customer.

The management of the Company is focused on the long-term.

We manage to optimize the risk-adjusted returns across the entire enterprise.

The effective execution of our strategy has produced one of the best performance records in the insurance industry.

How W. R. Berkley Corporation is Different

The Company distinguishes itself in several ways:


The business is operated with an ownership perspective and a clear sense of fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.

People-oriented strategy.

New businesses are started when opportunities are identified and, most importantly, when the right talent is found to lead a business.

Of the Company’s 27 units, 19 were developed internally and eight were acquired.
Responsible financial practices.
Risk exposures are managed proactively.
A strong balance sheet, including a high-quality investment portfolio, ensures ample resources to grow the business profitably whenever there are opportunities to do so.
Risk-adjusted returns.

Management company-wide is focused on obtaining the best potential returns with a real understanding of the amount of risk being assumed.
Superior risk-adjusted returns are generated over the insurance cycle.
Consistent and objective standards are used to measure performance – and, the same standards are used regardless of the environment.

Financial Highlights


2005 Annual Report
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